As Shun Shing Group grows, the company is always aware of the impact its corporate growth has on communities and provides new opportunities for people living within these communities. In addition, the company supports multiple charities, scholarships, and rural development programs, and takes strong measures to minimize negative environmental impact of cement production.

For example, grinding units are fueled by natural gas rather than coal, and most of the cement produced is a blended cement. Blended cement uses many recovered industrial by-products in order to avoid waste, reduce energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and reduce the use of virgin materials.


The A H Memorial Hospital is a community hospital which provides basic care to factory workers, to their family members and to local people who live around the factory, in Kaligonj, Bangladesh. Hospital services are free for all factory workers and their families.


Mosque serves as a community center for locals and employees of the Kaligonj factory.

The mosque has 2 floors & can hold up to 430 people.