Shun Shing Group believes that for a company to grow, it must invest in its employees. Therefore, the group offers extensive mentorship and training to all its talented employees and provides many opportunities for upward growth. The company believes that to keep its edge on the market, it must gain input from its employees at all levels and involve them in the decision making process. Shun Shing Group is expanding its operations and needs talented, motivated people to join their team.

Shun Shing Group started as a family business – while the company has grown into a multinational corporation, its employees still benefit from working within a family environment. As one of the company’s trade representatives said: “Shun Shing Group is not just the company I work for, it’s my family.”

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Shun Shing Group offers an attractive employee benefits package, and has a human resources department ready to assist new employees as they acclimate to the company’s diverse global culture.

With offices through out Asia, the company welcomes qualified individuals with a strong interest in bulk commodities to join its team.

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“SSG is not just the company I work for it is also my family.”
Ngo Duc Nhat, Executive, Cement division, Vietnam
5 Years at SSG
“Management understands and supports the dynamic challenges posed in the trading business. They empower us to make quick decisions when necessary. The organization as a whole is diligent about addressing business and human resources issues, which fills me with a sense of belonging.”
“SSG stands out from competition as it believes in fulfilling every commitment that it gets into, which gives a sense of comfort to its supplier and buyers.”
Sushil Shinde, Senior Trader, Energy Division
4 Years at SSG UAE
“Senior Management spends a lot of time and resources on each employee, they believe in continuous development. We are offered new opportunities all the time, they want us to succeed ‘so we can grow together.”
“SSG believes that it will grow as a company when it’s employees grow.”
Siddiq Ahmed, Senior Trader, Cement Division
8 Years with SSG UAE

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