Water Transport

Growth in Water Transport

Company Owned

  • 33 Lighter Vessels
  • Avgerage DWT 1,300 MT
  • Total DWT 43,000 MT


Sealift Stevedore Services Ltd. (Sealift), established in 1988, is one of 44 enlisted and approved stevedoring companies with the Chittagong Port authority.

The main task of a stevedore is to load and unload cargo. Sealift is permitted to perform loading and unloading operations on vessels that stay at Chittagong Port’s outer anchorage as well as vessels inside the jetty located downstream from CCJ at river mooring facilities.

Sealift is well equipped with discharging equipment with various sizes of automatic and manually operated grabs, shovel and pay loaders, and loading and discharging gears to support smooth and quick operations of the vessels.

Sealift has the capacity to handle any types of cargo, either in containers or in bulk. The company is experienced in handling odd-sized cargo, and has a large team of dedicated and experienced staff (dock laborers, winchmen, cargo supervisors, and foremen), to guarantee smooth operations.

Sealift routinely achieves discharge rates which are 4 times higher than other local competitors.

Ground Transport

  • Highly efficient in-house distribution department

  • Which owns and operated 222 vehicles to ensure round the clock prompt deliveries to our clients and 8,000 retail locations throughout Bangladesh
  • Seven Circle Cement is sold in 80% of all cement related outlets and is directly distributed to 90% of all districts across Bangladesh.