Gypsum is a raw material used mainly in the production of plasterboard and is also a key ingredient for producing cement. Due to having fire-resistant qualities, it has been the material of choice for building structures since ancient times.

There are two variations of gypsum: natural, which can be found while mining sedimentary rocks; and chemical, which is a by-product of phosphate chemical fertilization and energy production. Shun Shing Group trades primarily natural gypsum and the company leads the market for importing gypsum into Bangladesh. Trading both CFR and FOB, Shun Shing Group exports roughly 1 million metric tons of gypsum annually.


Gypsum Tradeflow

Shun Shing Group sources gypsum in Thailand and Oman. Destination markets include Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.


  • CaSO4. 2H2O (=Purity*):  Min 95
    *(by SO3 method on dry basis)
  • Moisture >  Max 3 %
  • Size> Max 50mm

Above are the key indicators of gypsum’s standard quality. Results vary depending on the origin of the commodity and the requirements of the buyer.

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