Shun Shing Group was established in 1988 as a small family trading house trading in cement. Today, the company trades much more than just this core product. Shun Shing Group has over 30 years of experience in trading, manufacturing and shipping of dry-bulk goods, and has become an industry leader specialising in cement and all its raw materials. The company rose to the top of its field through strategic vertical integration expansions and an intense focus on adding value at each step of the trade process.


2016 – Sale of Edible Oil Refinery

In 2016 Shun Shing Group decided to refocus on their core business, cement. This new commitment lead to divesting out of the edible oil refinery project.


2015 – Expansion of Concrete block plant

To keep up with rapid increase in demand for concrete blocks SSBML invested in an automatic production process of creating the concrete blocks. The plant’s new capacity is 3.5 million pieces per year, a 566% increase from the original plant.


2012 – New grinding mill

Shun Shing Group added a new grinding mill with an annual capacity of 1.7 million metric tons, in Khulna city, to give the company better coverage over the southwest region of Bangladesh.

2012 – Expansion of Power Plant

Added another 5.1 MW to our existing 10.16 MW gas-based power plant, taking the total generation capacity to 15.26 MW. This meets the increased demand of power from our expanded cement manufacturing facility.


2010 – SSGIL Enters Food Industry

Construction began on a 300,000 ton per year edible oil refinery (cooking oil) in Mongla, Bangladesh. This was the company’s first diversification into the food industry.


2008 – Addition of concrete bock plant

The subsidiary Shun Shing Building Materials Ltd. (SSBML) was started in 2007, but began production in 2008 with a semi-automatic operations and an installed capacity of 500,000 pieces per year.

2008 – Expansion of Shipping Division

Shun Shing Group enters ship owning with purchase of a Dry Bulk Handy Vessel named MV Hong Kong Sun.


2007 – Increased grinding capacity

Increased grinding capacity by adding 0.6 Million MT, taking the total to 1.1 Million MT in Kaligonj site to meet growing local demand.

2007 – Expansion of Manufacutring

Establishment of a 10 MW natural gas based Power Plant to support the smooth function of of our industrial operations. Removed our dependence on receiving power from the national power grid which was unpredictable and insufficient.

2007 – Increase in Packaging Plant Capacity

The bag plant’s capacity was increased again in 2007, from 24 million to its current capacity of 72 million bags per year.


2005 – Expansion of Bag Plant

Increased the capacity of the existing packaging plant from 26 million to 48 million pieces per year.


2002 – Horizontal Integration for Manufacturing

To increase Cement supply efficiency we established a Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Cement Bag Plant with capcity of 26 Million Pieces in Kaligonj, Bangladesh.


2001 – First Industrial Project

The company established its first cement plant in Kaligonj, with an annual grinding capacity of 0.50 million metric tons, and today has a working capacity of 1.8 million metric tons.

2001 – Expansion of Trade

With a trusted brand name and growing demands for raw materials we continued to expand trade into new regional markets – Middle East, India, Western Europe, and East Africa.


1993 – New Locations

Shun Shing Group established it’s first liason office in Beijing, China.

We expanded further to open offices in Bombay, Dubai and Dhaka, Bangladesh.


1989-1999 – Rapid Expansion

Shun Shing Group’s trade division grew rapidly as new commodities, such as; clinker, slag, gypsum, limestone were incorporated. Along with trading, we started to offer our clients chartering and operating services for dry-bulk cargo.


Incorporates in Hong Kong

Shun Shing Group incorporates as a small family-run trading house focusing on trading bag cement.