Coal is the newest item added to Shun Shing Group’s portfolio. The coal desk was started in mid 2012 and has enjoyed fast success. The coal desk’s strategy is to leverage Shun Shing Group’s core strength by selling primary to clinker manufacturers.

Strong, strategic partnerships with multinationals and miners have allowed Shun Shing Group to competitively supply coal to end-buyers.


Coal Tradeflow

Shun Shing Group’s energy division is focused on supplying coal to end users in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh; the company sources coal from reliable suppliers in Indonesia, South Africa, and Australia.

Petroleum Coke (Petcoke)

Increasingly petcoke is being used as an alternative to coal in the cement industry as an energy source. Shun Shing Group is able to partner with American refiners to provide petcoke for its customer. 

Coal Key Specifications

Shun Shing Group is able to match key specifications according to how customers will use steam coal. The company understands the needs of end users and caters to those specific needs.