Customer Appreciation – Mid Autumn festival

With the Mid-autumn festival around the corner, Cherry and her team identified their most valued clients and purchased thoughtful and customary small gifts for them.

Each broker gave his/her list of important clients a gift.

Thank you note from the Client:

To: Sea Proser

From: All Trans Power staff

Dear Cherry and Judy

Good afternoon!

On the occasion of the coming festival, I, on behalf of the whole Trans Power Team, am writing to extend my warmest greetings to you, happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!

Also many thanks for the adorable and precious gifts you sent today, every one of us can feel the warmth beneath those gifts and like it very much. We also would like to express our deepest appreciation for your great commitment and support so far, which leaded to the fixtures we shared and I trust, will contribute more fixtures in the future!

Once again, I would like to present my sincere wishes to your good company, wish you a brilliant future, and may our friendship last forever.

Jaycee Pan

Trans Power Co., Ltd.