Cement Manufacturer

Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. (Seven Circle) is a subsidiary of Shun Shing Group and acts as the local management headquarters for all its Bangladesh operations. Seven Circle sells cement in bags and in bulk under the popular brand Seven Rings Cement,  producing 8.4 million tons of cement from 3 different plants, strategically located across Bangladesh.  According to the production volume and annual sales output, Seven Circle Bangladesh is a market leader in the Bangladesh Cement Market. 

In 2021 SSG expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include a grinding plant called Green Cement Factory (GCF). GCF plans to grind Slag into GGBFS to use in the UAE market. GGBFS is an environmentally friendly alternative ingredient in cement, that can be used in cement production to replace Clinker (which is responsible for the most CO2 emitting ingredient in cement).

Why Choose Us?

Using only the best imported raw materials and providing the highest level of quality cement.

9.5 Million MT

Annual production capacity

4 Cement Plants

3 located in Bangladesh and 1 located in Dubai

Market Leader in Bangladesh

One of the largest by output volumes.

Superior Quality

We source our own raw materials from the best suppliers around the world.

Woven PP Cement bag packaging Plant

144 Million bags per year capacity

Our Cement Factories