Shun Shing Group has a strong base of manufacturing projects in Bangladesh and plans to use this knowledge to expand into cement production in other countries.

The company’s initial investment was in a cement grinding mill located in Kaligonj, only 38 km away from the capital city, Dhaka. Shun Shing Group has continually developed the Kaligonj site into an industrial park which includes multiple value-added industries including: a packaging plant, a concrete block factory, and an on-site power generator all to optimise cement production.

Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd.

Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. (Seven Circle) is a subsidiary of Shun Shing Group and acts as the local management headquarters for all its Bangladesh operations. Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. sells cement under the popular brand Seven Rings Cement. Established in 2001, the company’s first cement plant in Kaligonj, Dhaka started with an annual grinding capacity of 0.50 million metric tons, and today has a working capacity of 1.8 million metric tons. In 2012, Shun Shing Group added a new grinding mill with an annual capacity of 1.7 million metric tons, in Khulna city, under the subsidiary name Shun Shing Cement Mills Ltd. The production from this subsidiary gives the company better coverage over the southwest region of Bangladesh. This brings Shun Shing Group’s total cement production capacity to 3.5 million metric tons per year. By volume, the company is one of the largest cement producers in Bangladesh, by total sales we are the third largest.

Using only the best imported raw materials and providing the highest level of quality cement, Seven Rings Cement is recognized as a top brand in Bangladesh. Shun Shing Group plans to expand its capacity to keep with Bangladesh’s growing cement demands.

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Shun  Shing Group in Bangladesh.