Ship Chartering

Shun Shing Group offers seamless freight trading, vessel chartering and vessel operating services to multinational corporations, international industrial clients, regional traders, and government entities. The company’s time-tested, reliable, and cost-effective services are managed by a professional, technical, and commercial team headquartered in Hong Kong, with regional coverage in Singapore, India, Bangladesh, China and the United Arab Emirates.

We are focused on chartering all internal cargos. Everything is controlled by the group to ensure smooth operations, for our traded commodities, and a few blue chip industrial customers.

Specializes in 25,000 – 65,000 MT Bulk carriers.

concentrating on Handy, Supermax, Ultramax and Paramax vessels.

18 Million tons of cargo chartered in 2021

In-house and third-party cargo

Specialists in delivering multi-client shipment solutions.

Key Shipping Facts: